“Bidden or unbidden, God is present.”
— Carl Jung

Welcome. We are all on this journey together, walking our way home. Home to the divine presence that defies understanding — the presence that lives in us, among us, and beyond us — an infinite and eternal reality in the ever-changing world. I call this presence Real. I’ve experienced it as such. The experience is profound enough to keep me making the journey, despite fluctuating cycles of doubt, despair, reaffirmation, commitment, joy, and ease.

When I was younger, I yearned for a road map through these varied terrains. Gradually, I realized I was creating one in the ongoing process of journaling. I was charting the journey as I went along. My intention on this site is to share some of my observations, with the trust that they will offer insight and encouragement to other people on the path.

I have an eclectic spiritual lineage and a universal conception of faith. I see all the world religions as viable paths to God, as understandings of a truth too big to be contained by any one of them. A friend of mine calls himself a PresaMethaCathaBaptaCostal. I’m more of a BuddhiNativeAmeriChristian, with an emphasis these days on walking the Way of Jesus.

God Is. That’s the belief that underlies all my writing. The human spirit yearns for connection with something beyond our individual lives. I find that connection in the natural world, in the processes of birth and death, in the mystery of Christ. Where do you find yours?


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